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 by Jason Gustav Kurtz


NEW!!!!  --  Reunion 2010 -- Yearbook for 2010


This has been in the works for a long time, and frankly, with all of the poor information on the net, I couldn't wait any longer.  Every day a tree is cut down from the family forest forever.  Relatives die, and the family memories go with them. 



Blackduck logging camp, Feb 22, 1903

A Knodle relative is in this picture, but who it is in the picture is a mystery.


I consider myself a family historian, more than an amateur genealogist.  I use the "cluster" research method, which means for my direct ancestors, I have done research on their immediate families as well.  This provides troves of information, and a story usually develops  and becomes clear, with more pieces of the puzzle, creating a "forest" for the "trees".


I hope you find this site informative, and useful. Please feel free to send me information, and alert me to errors! This whole site is being created to provide accurate information.


I am relatively well versed in all of the family groups at left, but some I have considerable more information on than others.  The bolded names at left are all the surnames of my grandparents*, and those of my wife Jenny.


*Kretsinger is actually my great-grandmother's side, but I have the most extensive information on that branch. 

†My mother was adopted at birth, and I have just begun researching her birth parents, the Fontana and Barnes Lines.



Please be patient with me while I add information to the links.


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